Our Team

The Coastal Craft team is comprised of professional, dedicated technicians, craftspeople and artisans who literally pour their unique skill, talent and heart into each component of every boat we produce. For 20 years our team has fostered a culture of innovation and in-house building, allowing us to create distinctive high-performance yachts for our highly discerning owners.

Our in-house production departments include aluminum and stainless steel fabrication and welding, wood joinery and cabinet making, yacht painting and finishing, mechanical/electrical rigging and installations, service and maintenance, engineering and design and administration. This range of in-house capabilities at Coastal Craft has allowed us to develop and add new innovative ideas and features into our products. It also enables us to seamlessly incorporate our customer’s requests and design details into their boats. With so much under one roof, our customers are treated to a real hands-on experience while in our production facility.

At Coastal Craft, it is all about the relationship. Your customers are really your partners, much like your employees are.

Strength in Construction

If you want something built right, build it yourself. For 20 years Coastal Craft has followed that mantra, and today we continue to hand build each and every craft in our Gibsons BC plant. You can feel it in the integrity and strength of each Coastal Craft Yacht; it is there throughout every stage of design and construction. The process begins with advanced planning in the Design & Engineering stages of each model, where the use of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Engineer” (CAE) software sets the blueprint for each precision cut and weld. It is there in the woodworking and cabinetry, the wiring and sound proofing, the fairing and yacht quality painting. It is there in the hands of each Coastal Craft technician who painstakingly and professionally tests for quality assurance, every day. If you haven’t yet experienced the difference in a handmade yacht versus a production yacht, you are in for a truly eye opening experience.

In the words of founder and CEO Jeff Rhodes,

“Coastal Craft are unique in many ways. That’s what going back to hand building does. It focuses on the design and strength of the hull, along with quality and attention to detail to everything in the boat. It’s why we do our own welding, our own woodwork. The quality of everything we do really does define us and the product.”

Strength in Technology

In 2007, Coastal Craft became the first company to design and build an aluminum boat powered with the Volvo Penta IPS System. Neither Volvo Canada nor Volvo USA had experience integrating their IPS into an aluminum boat at the time, and in fact, at the time there had only been 2 boats worldwide of any kind with the IPS installed.

This is only one example of Coastal Craft’s continuous push toward perfection - an elusive and unattainable goal which nevertheless animates our drive and desire for constantly improved performance and value in our crafts.

As this process was new to both companies, all integration and certification work was done at the Coastal Craft plant, rather than in Chesapeake Va., home of the Volvo IPS integration center. We were humbled that Volvo America and Volvo Canada would work with us, hand in glove, and we remain steadfast partners in high performance.

Warranty and Service

We Are Builders. We Are Partners.

We provide exceptional customer care & support to all our customers. Whether we are providing technical advice or undertaking a major engine refit, we take the time necessary to ensure the customer understands their options and is satisfied with the information or service we have provided. We want our customers to feel as though they are always involved in all aspects of their boats service and maintenance. We will walk them through the process so they fully understand the scope of the work, the timeframe to complete the work and of course the cost associated with the job.

As the work progresses our representatives are in constant communication with the owner to update them on progress and advise them of any additional work or changes that may be required. These changes are discussed and once accepted by the owner, are then performed.

10 Year Limited Aluminum Structure
2 Year Limited Deck hardware, Paint, Wood Joinery,
Upholstery, Machinery, Electrical
All warranties are transferable


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Bellingham, WA, United States
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Our History

The small town of Gibsons Landing, on the West Coast of British Columbia, may seem an unlikely location to launch a boat building company with international aspirations. The town is remote; no highways lead there, no railway lines cross the sound. Visitors and locals take a 40-minute commute via ferry from Vancouver, across the spectacular Howe Sound, into BC’s Sunshine Coast, with Gibsons as its gateway. The population is small, with industry slowly transitioning from fishing and forestry to hobby farming and tourism. 20 years and 117 boats later, the story of Coastal Craft is ultimately one of vision, perseverance, and a relentless drive for perfection. It is a lesson in what a leader and a team of talented local craftspeople can accomplish with a shared commitment to building something of significance for their families, their customers, and their community. It is a story, finally, of character and strength.

Coastal Craft Begins

The company was producing 22’ to 25’ water taxis and crew transport boats for BC’s logging industry, and word was about to spread.

The Evolution of Strength

the company had grown to over 40 employees, working in all areas of aluminum boat building. They changed from hand lofting and cutting their boats to utilizing modern design and engineering tools and technologies that allowed for CNC cutting of all the plate materials.

Model Line-up Expands

Requests for pleasure yachts, featuring the high strength-to-weight ratio and durability of Coastal Craft’s signature aluminum hull forced the company to create a new line of cruising yachts, with the same hand-built structural integrity, and an even more luxurious finish in the 30’ to 45’ range.

An Evolution of Design

Coastal Craft introduces owners to a modern user interface for their onboard electrical systems, with convenient touch pads and displays instead of large manual breaker panels. “smart boats”.

State-of-the-Art Joinery Shop

Coastal Craft installed a new state-of-the-art wood joinery shop utilizing 3D design software.

Dealer Partnership

DiMillos joins Coastal Craft as their exclusive East Coast dealer.
Maine, New York, Maryland

Dealer Partnership

Specialty Yachts joins Coastal Craft as their official West Coast dealer.
BC, Washington, Oregon

The Full Circle

Coastal Craft introduces the 30' & 33' Profish, bringing high end design and performance to the midsize sport fishing category.